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Refurbishment, Repair & Testing

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Refurbishment, Repair & Testing

BFS manufacture, repair and test forklift forks, masts, carriages, hydraulic and mechanical attachments and general fabrications.

Fork Repairs

Inspection, crack detection (MPI), straightening, hooks replaced, pin kits supplied/fitted, forks proof load tested up to 50 tons. Stainless cladding (sparkproof forks).

Fork Carriages

Manufactured, straightened, new rails, bearing spigots and chain anchors fitted. Crack detection (MPI).

Forklift Attachments

All makes and types, refurbished and tested, including fitting replacement forks, slides, arms and rails at competitive prices.

Forklift Masts

Shortened, straightened, crack detection, spigots, pulleys, brackets etc. replaced.

Overhead Guards

Repair, test, MPI crack detection.

Load Back Rests

Manufactured, straightened, remanufactured.


Refurbished, machined, straightened.

Fabrication Capacity

Drilling, milling, coded fabrications by mig and arc welding in mild and stainless steel. Flame cutting, straightening and bending presswork up to 250 tonnes, crack detection (MPI), sawing and shearing.